Restaurant start up – A beginner’s guide


Almost everyone dreams of owning their own restaurant, bar or coffee shop. How difficult can it be to run? How difficult can it be to make money? The reality is that the restaurant business is one of the toughest. Starting a restaurant is an ambitious undertaking. Many restaurants fail within a few years because of poor planning and a lack of understanding. A restaurant is a business that needs to be run with precision to ensure that profit margins are in line.

But first, educated and accurate planning is necessary.

  • Do you know how big of challenge it is?
  • Do you know what the costs involved in opening a restaurant is?
  • How much profit should you expect?
  • Should you buy into a franchise or design your own concept?
  • Location is EVERYTHING – do you know how to choose a great location and should you
    buy or rent a location?
  • Designing the restaurant – do you hire a professional or do it yourself?
  • What are the best catering industry trade shows?
  • What industry associations should you belong to for support?