Operational Auditing


Often, the causes of operational problems are not apparent to owners or operators inside an organisation. Our detailed audit provides insight into the heart of the business, both from a “guest experience” mapped perspective, and from a back-of-house “systems and procedures” point of view. Potential problem areas are highlighted and realistic solutions are presented.

Businessentials For Hospitality operational evaluation is designed to independently analyse all areas of your establishment and identify opportunities to –

  • Minimalise costs through improved operational efficiencies
  • Optimal utilisations of labour productivity through effective scheduling, recruitment and training programs
  • Decrease Costs
  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Improve bottom line

The initial step would be to identify areas of concern and proceed from there. Once areas of concern have been established, we are able to proceed to audit these, or all of the areas included below.

The Operational Audit Process

Information Gathering
  • Interview with owner or top designated person to discuss areas of concern
  • Interviewing staff and management to gain a more intimate knowledge of your business. This may also highlight further problem areas that need to be addressed.
Financial Analysis
  • Accounting policies, systems and procedures
  • Operational Budgets
  • Cash flow Forecasts
  • Industry specific Management Accounts
  • Identify loss making areas
  • Identify cost savings
  • Payroll Services
  • Time and attendance
  • Staff attitude and competency in their positon. Are the right staff in the right positions?
  • Service levels in line with desired standards
  • Guest experience
  • Evaluate job descriptions
  • Identify training areas
  • Stock control systems and procedures
  • Food and beverage costing accuracy and recipe maintenance
  • Food quality and consistency
  • Consumables and other controllable expenditure
Other Systems Analysis Areas
  • Operational flow
  • Point of sale and/or property management systems
  • IT infrastructure

We will then present a detailed report with feedback on findings and to provide effective recommendations. Once the audit is concluded and the assessment discussed, we can implement agreed upon recommendations and assist you in the set-up of effective controls for any or all aspects of your business.

Thereafter, options are available for ad hoc return systems analysis visits to monitor maintenance of implemented systems and procedures if and when necessary, as well as an option for a monthly retainer.