Mystery Guest Program


Do you really know what your guests think about your establishment?

We understand that staff may on occasion show a different side to management/owners to that which they show your biggest critic – the customer. A Mystery Guest Program Report is by far the most effective way of measuring customer service and the selling skills practised by your staff because it is done from a guest’s perspective.

Customers seldom tell the truth in hospitality encounters if they are not happy, for fear of conflict or adverse reaction. Our Mystery Guest experience is a detailed analysis of what the average guest will experience, so that our clients may know if there is a problem, and how to solve it.


  • Only through Mystery Guest Program Report feedback will you be able to precisely target what remedial training and coaching is required e.g. you may discover that only 1 in 5 of your guests are being greeted, or that your staff are suggesting upgrades on only 5% of the occasions where there was an opportunity to do so.
  • Business is tough, competitors match you on location, facilities, price and guest service; you need an edge and that is optimal staff performance.
  • Mystery Guest Program Report results are a major performance measurement tool for your team leaders and their teams. The Mystery Guest Audit will become an invaluable operational tool. It will assist in delivering a higher standard of service and care to every guest.
  • When you compare the costs of an effective Mystery Guest Program Report program to the sales revenue gains from improved staff performance as a result of targeted remedial training, you will come to the conclusion that having a Mystery Guest Report program in place is simply good business practice.
  • Effective Mystery Guest Program Reports are cost positive to your business.


  • Satisfied customers buy more and become loyal
  • Satisfied customers buy additional products and services
  • Satisfied customers support positive word of mouth
  • Satisfied customers pay less attention to advertisements of competitors
  • Satisfied customers deliver more ideas and suggestions


  • Telephone manner and reservations handling
  • Email response time
  • Arrival and check-In analysis
  • Hotel information and rooming
  • Environment, access and signage
  • Exterior maintenance, interior housekeeping and staff presentation
  • Customer care facilities, service standards and attitudes
  • Speed and quality of service
  • Food and beverage quality, choice and presentation of product
  • Suggestive selling, up-selling and merchandising
  • Wake-Up calls
  • In-room dining efficiency from order placing to collecting of trays
  • Billing and check-out


  • Reservation and telephone etiquette
  • Exterior restaurant presentation
  • Interior restaurant presentation, décor, comfort and cleanliness
  • Staff appearance, dress and grooming
  • Food quality, presentation and taste
  • Waiting time between courses
  • Efficiency and friendliness of service
  • Staff attitude, performance and culture
  • Staff compliance with company policy
  • Knowledge of menu, prices and wines
  • Sales effort and up-selling
  • Billing process


  • An initial meeting with the client to plan and discuss any additional areas of concern to be addressed during the Mystery Guest Program.
  • A proposed date will be set for the assessment.
  • The hospitality professional will make the reservation
  • Anonymous persons are used as mystery guests
  • The mystery guest is well trained and uses a predefined checklist
  • The mystery guest behaves like a normal customer
  • Unbiased and extremely detailed reports, that are in line with the average customer encounter, are compiled, after which the client will receive the assessment and if necessary, another meeting with the client to discuss the findings of the assessment.

There could be major aspects of your business that are causing negative guest experiences. What you see and think of your business is probably not at all the same as your average guest experience.

The reality is that only a very small percentage of DISSATISFIED customers will give accurate negative feedback however, research has indicated that 96% of dissatisfied customers will not complain to you and 75% of them will NOT RETURN.

Truly great Customer Service is the key to success in any business.

Assessments conducted by skilled and experienced hospitality professionals are invaluable and powerful tools that enable you to identify REAL problem areas in your establishment.

Each area of the mystery guest report contains a scored section and a comments section. The scored section allows efficient benchmarking and the comments section provides you with valuable detailed feedback.

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