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Hospitality Consulting and Essential Business Services

Why Choose Businessentials?

  • We understand your business from an operational, financial and HR perspective
  • We offer a comprehensive hospitality consultation service
  • We are flexible and will create a solution and fee structure tailored to your needs and the size of your business


Hospitality Consulting

Our range of operational systems and financial analysis consulting services provides new and established owners and their respective management teams with key focus points leading to healthier and more sustainable business models.

Operational Audits

Often the causes of operational problems are not apparent to owners or operators inside an organisation. Our detailed audit provides insight into the heart of the business, both from a “guest experience” mapped perspective, and from a back-of-house “systems and procedures” point of view. Potential problem areas are highlighted and realistic solutions are presented.

Management Accounts

Preparation of regular management reports provide vital financial analysis and are essential in order for you to monitor the performance of your business and make appropriate and informed management decisions.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Businesses fail every year due to bad bookkeeping practices. Maintaining timeous, accurate records are vital to any successful business and will help you ascertain how your business is progressing.

Payroll Services

Small to medium businesses are struggling to comply with the increasing statutory demands imposed by SARS. The implementation of new income tax legislation requires you to prepare your salaries on a professional payroll software package that updates new legislative tax tables and integrates with the SARS websites for your bi-annual employee IRP5 and IT3A reconciliations. This type of software is expensive and requires skilled payroll administrators to operate them accurately.

Mystery Guest

Only through Mystery Guest Program report feedback will you be able to precisely pin point areas of your business that may require attention.  Guest feedback is essential to the success of your business.